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Reiki pyramids

Reiki Pyramid

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’. Every living and non-living body radiates it. In Reiki the ultimate source of this life energy is the universal energy of the cosmos. Our body works constantly as an instrument or a channel to transform this energy in to the required amount and form to solve problems related to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

It involves using various symbols to channelize this energy and all that needs constant attention and time for each individual that we give Reiki. It is found that it is not always possible to devote so much quality time and total awareness for a long period is difficult. Reiki Pyramid is a break-through in this healing science!

Reiki Pyramid (Reiki) Rs.4000/-

this new revolutionary Reiki pyramid to overcome such difficulties we face. This unique Reiki pyramid once programmed by the Reiki master works automatically, day and night; without personal attention and presence of the master. This instrument enables us to spend less but qualitative time on each individual and also help us to remain in link with him or her even from distance. The program can also be easily altered from time to time by the master, even from a distance.

Reiki Seat (Reiki Seat) Rs.1590/-
Sit on the powerful yantra while teaching or giving reiki to get faster results.

Reiki Disc (Reiki Disc) Rs.1935/-
To enhance the energy of your healing room . Use in clinics, home or hospitals.

Reiki Smart Fire (Advance Fire) Rs.5160/-
Neutralize negative vibes and create positive space for better healing

Reiki Card - Set (Reiki Card) Rs.1050/-
First step to personal well-being! Powerful pocket-sized tool you can carry

Fortune Chip (Fortune Chip) Rs.180/-
To attract luck, fix on important files, books, lockers, computers etc.

Fortune Key Chain (Fortune Key Chain) Rs.195/-
Ideal for keys of your lockers, car, bike, cash-box, house and shops

Reiki Pyramid - Advance (Reiki Advance) Rs.3660/-
Wonderful tool to accelerate results. Inbuilt Antahkarana and crystal grid!

Reiki Pyramid - Master (Reiki Master) Rs.16500/-
Most powerful 3D Reiki tool in the world! Powered by unique 10 layer concept.

Mobile 9x9 (Mobile 9x9) Rs.180/-
Tie to your mobile for luck and protection. Improves performance and business

Bike 9x9 Rs.100/-
Fix on any front part of your two-wheeler for protection from evil eye!

Medicine 9x9 (Medicine) Rs.300/-
Place your daily medicines inside for spiritual help.

My 1st Experiment Pyramid (My 1st Experiment Pyramid) Rs.100/-
Basic start-up pyramid, place fruits or vegetables to see its power!

Astha Ganesh Plate (Astha) Rs.250/-
Get the auspicious power of Ashta Ganesh in your home or shop.

Education Pyramid (power of pyramids for students success)
Education Pyramid is useful for Education of children for enhancing knowledge and wisdom. This Education Tower with triple pyramid effect and special copper education yantra founded by Prof.Dr.Jiten Bhatt also gives access to the deeper knowledge and education.
Advisable on study table or hang on the wall in front of the student's chair.

Education Pyramid (power of pyramids for students success) Rs.

Education Pyramid (power of pyramids for students success)
Education Pyramid is useful for Education of children for enhancing knowledge and wisdom. This Education Tower with triple pyramid effect and special copper education yantra founded by Prof.Dr.Jiten Bhatt also gives access to the deeper knowledge and education.
Advisable on study table or hang on the wall in front of the student's chair.

Education Pyramid (power of pyramids for students success) Rs.

Relax Pyramid belt (for eye-brain stress relaxation)
This unique eye-brain relaxing yantra is valuable in deep relaxation, relieving tension and improving blood circulation. Also useful in meditation and for sound sleep. Must for computer professionals and office people.
Relax 9x9 consist one energy belt and a cotton energy collector red-pad.

Relax Pyramid belt (for eye-brain stress relaxation) Rs.150/-

Protection Pyramids

Protect your house, shop or office from the evil energies, also safe-guard your car with the power of pyramids.

Protect 9x9 - Outside (For Door protection)
Protect 9x9 Outside is a unique instrument made first time in world by Prof.Dr.Jiten Bhatt for protection & bringing good luck. It is must on every door. Protect 9x9 Outside consists of a gold plate in centre which helps in protecting your house from Sha Chi like too much shining objects, sharp pointing corners or incomplete construction of next building, heavy transformer outside the house or water on wrong side etc.
Protect 9x9 not only protects but attracts helpful energies to bring you good luck. It has to be fixed only outside the house 1, 3 or more in number depending on the strength of the affecting ShaChi. This pyramid yantra has energetic gold plate in centre, which is made to preprogramme or personalized your yantra before applying.

Protect 9x9 - Outside (For Door protection) Rs.300/-

Protect 9x9 for Inside (Protection and luck enhancement)
Ideal for office, home & factory.Accepted worldwide and compatible to both Vastu&FengShui.
Protects from evil energy, Sha Chi of any sharp corner of objects, door, staircase or beam. Also protects from 'Poison arrow' & enhances good luck to bring fortune. Can be
programmed, with the Pyramid Yantra and the Gold FaMaa chip in the centre. Very easy to use, just place between your two hands and make an intense wish for the purpose.
Your wish can be for business, health, children, protection or just as simple as 'protection from evil power and bring good luck from all directions'. And stick on the wall. It can be fixed in multiples of 3 or 9 also.

Protect 9x9 for Inside (Protection and luck enhancement) Rs.300/-

Protect 9x9 for Car (safe-guard your vehicles)
It is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing 'Protect 9x9 Car' on your car or scooter for protection, safety & efficiency.
Protect 9x9 Car creates positive energy, which makes your neurobody control better and this helps you to take clear decisions in crucial moments & balance your mind.

Unique features;
Four directionally interacting copper triangles on the top.
Pre-programmed 8 copper & 1 gold pyramid chips.

Protect 9x9 for Car (safe-guard your vehicles) Rs.850/-

PyraVastuSwastik - MINI (positive energy subh-labh)
Ideal for all doors can be fixed on the doors or on the doorframe. It is also very effective for cash box, cupboards, pooja rooms, computer, study table or other such places.
With added powers of 75 Pyramids, 17 Red Swastik Pyramid grid & a Gold energy radiator at the bottom. Must on two side of each doors.

PyraVastuSwastik - MINI (positive energy subh-labh) Rs.150/-

Fortune Cards
Make fortune from your own birth-date!
New pocket size pyramid yantrabyProf.Dr.Jiten Bhatt for fortune and health. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony gives miraculous results.
Pyra Card are available for various purposes, such as; for Luck & Fortune, Money & Finance, Energy & Vitality and PyraCard for Business & Career. Get the unique feature of pre-programed 9 copper pyramids and a gold base disc at the bottom. Plus explore the power of inbuilt FaMaayantra on the top for optimum results.
Just choose a card and enter the world of more fortune, happiness and health today!
Brings prosperity fame and reputation, opens new avenues for life. Each piece Rs.

Pyracard - Luck & Fortune

Pyracard - Luck & Fortune

Pyracard - Job and Promotion

Pyracard - Foreign and Higher-Study

Pyracard - Money & Finance

Pyracard - Fame and Power

Pyracard - Success and Progress

Pyracard - Memory and Concentration

Pyracard - Protection & Safe-Guard

Pyracard - Peace & Relaxation

Pyracard - Marriage and Love

Pyracard - Strength and Confidence

Pyaracard - Family & Children

Pyracard - Business & Career

Pyracard - Positivity & Happiness

Pyracard - Legal & Court Case

Pyracard - Memory and Concentration

Health Pyramids Each piece Rs.550/-

Here is an absolutely unique method - FaMaacolor therapy. This new system of PyraColors are developed from integral effect of color, Pyramid Yantra, visualization and deep rhythmic breathing for health and wellness.

Health 9x9 (set of 7)
According to Prof.Dr. Bhatt, 3 Facolors are Red, Orange and Yellow and Maacolors are Green, Blue and Violet. He has developed 6 Health Pyracolor plates and a supporting plate with white color. This is Health 9x9 and it is used as a pair for health and healing.
Normally you use single white plate. But appropriate color plate at the required location and one white plate in the opposite side can give better results.

(set of 7)

Health 9x9 Red (Health 9x9 Red)
RED - Hot color, color with the greatest penetration, strongly stimulates flow of blood.
Indication: Poor circulation, inflammation, chronic cough, asthma, anemia, eczema.

(Health 9x9 Red)

Health 9x9 Orange (Health 9x9 Orange)
Gives energy, makes joyful, color of the sun.
Indication: Pessimism, psychosis, depression, fear, emaciation, tiredness.

(Health 9x9 Orange)

Health 9x9 - Yellow (Health 9x9 - Yellow)
Fortifies the endocrine system, makes chronic processes acute.
Indication: Diseases of digestive tract, strengthens the nervous system.

(Health 9x9 - Yellow)

Health 9x9 - Green (Health 9x9 - Green)
Neutral color, treats chronic problems, sedative, soothing, relaxing.
Indication: Whooping cough, inflammation of the joints, tumors, ulcer, eye diseases, diabetes.

(Health 9x9 - Green)

Health 9x9 - Green (Health 9x9 - Green)
Neutral color, treats chronic problems, sedative, soothing, relaxing.
Indication: Whooping cough, inflammation of the joints, tumors, ulcer, eye diseases, diabetes.

(Health 9x9 - Green)

Health 9x9 - Violet (Health 9x9 - Violet)
Acts on consciousness, promotes awareness, prepares for meditation.
Indications: Lymphatic system disorders.

(Health 9x9 - Violet)

Introducing New Pyramid Pyron with Unique copper power of 9 planets!
Advance design for all-round prosperity 1st Time in india.Very easy to use and fast result for peace of all 9 planets.To be placed in the room,shop or office for success and happiness


Study Seat
Must for all students,use while studying.Improves the efficiency of learning and understanding. Study Seat optimize the mind body coordination for excellent results.Also helps in mind concentration and memory.

Study Seat Rs.1650/-

Study Cap
This special Pyramid Cap is very useful during studies.It is most beneficial for improvement of memory,gaining confidence and lessening of stress.It increases awareness,mindfulness & intelligence especially recommended for children.
Use while study,wear it on head for at least 15 minutes when you start studying

Study Cap Rs.200/-

Study Head Band
Effective way to enhance concentration and mind power!
Just wear you Head band on forehead for 10 minutes before or while studying.Enrich with 18 Pyramids,3 Magnets,18 Acutips,3 Copper Disc and powerful education yantra

Study Head Band Rs.300/-

Study Eye Band
New Age knowledge stabilizations and relaxation tool-'Study Eye -Band' with two in-build Pyramids to produces marvellous results.Ideal after using computer & TV and after studying for long hours during exams.
Powered with Two-9x Pyramids,2-Magnets

Study Eye Band Rs

Study Pad
Place this pad on your table and place your book on it and start reading or writing.Explore the power of Pyramids for your child's concentration and memory.After your child completes his study,place the book on the pad for while night.This Unique pad can also be used for laptop as it gives the correct angle as well as the pyramid power protection to your laptop

Study Pad Rs.700/-

PyronKetu– Prosperity (Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity.)
Associated with true
knowledge, fantasy, intuition and imagination. Ketu rules the psychic number 7, those born on day 7, 16 or 25 of any month.

PyronKetu– Prosperity Rs.650/-

Pyron Saturn – Happiness (Represents wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, happiness and honesty.)
Saturn is also associated with sincerity, love of justice, non-attachment, long-life, fame, authority, leadership and organizational abilities. Psychic number 8 is a number of mystery. Born on day 8, 17, 26 of any month.

Pyron Saturn – Happiness Rs.650/-

Pyron Jupiter – Spirituality (Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage.)
It is associated with progress, expansion of consciousness, justice and status. It makes its natives independent, bold, healthy, ambitious, active popular, self-confident and initiators. 3 is there psychic number and for those born on day 3, 12, 21 or 30.

Pyron Jupiter – Spirituality Rs.650/-

Pyron Mercury – Business (Represents merchant like nature, makes it takes risk and gamble.)
Associated with physical comfort, money, business, success and materialistic gain. Nature includes intuitive, quick decision, impulsive and hard working. Psychic number is 5, for those born on day 5, 14, 23 of any month.

Pyron Mercury – Business Rs.650/-

Pyron Mars – Courage Rs.650/- (Represents the commander in chief of the assembly of the Gods.)
hence it has qualities such as strong sense of purpose, courage, duty, order and discipline. Psychic number is 9 and is of those born on day 9, 18, or 27 of the any month.

Pyron Mars – Courage Rs.650/-

Pyron Moon – Calm Mind (Represents life giving mother energy and is connected with the mind.)
It gives creative energy, which is magnetic and positive. Moon acts upon our imaginative, reflective, intuitive nature, also known as our psyche. It is related with our subconscious mind. 2 is the psychic number of those born on day 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month.

Pyron Moon – Calm Mind Rs.650/-

Pyron Sun – Vitality (Represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation.)
It gives creative energy, which is magnetic and positive. Moon acts upon our imaginative, reflective, intuitive nature, also known as our psyche. It is related with our subconscious mind. 2 is the psychic number of those born on day 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month.

Pyron Sun – Vitality Rs.650/-

PyronVastu Kit Rs.(Available in a kit of 9 for FengShui& also in singles)
It includes Pyron Sun-Vitality, Pyron Moon-Calm Mind, Pyron Mars-Courage, Pyron Mercury-Business, Pyron Jupiter-Spirituality, Pyron Venus-Luxury, Pyron Saturn-Happiness, PyronRahu-Status and PyronKetu-Prosperity.

PyronVastu Kit Rs./-

Meditation Pyramids (Meditation Seat) for success in Meterial and spiritual life)
Meditation will become a part of our daily life. Regular practice of this proven method gives you the benefits for health and wellness. Uplift your self to tap the unlimited power of body, mind and soul!
To achive perfect state of meditation we require decending force from the sky or heven and supporting force of earth. This new Pyramid Meditation seat has inbuilt 81 copper 9x9 yantra chips to enhance the uplifting force of heaven. Also it has well placed 81 earth magnets to materialize the force of mother earth. Discover the inner treasures to reach the pure state of total consciousness and bliss. Meditation also is a spiritual medicine for tension, anxiety, stress and other disorders.
Meditation on this Pyramid seat can help you to cope up with the fast and competitive world outside and take quick and correct decision with your inner-you! Take yourself to the pure and perfect you,inside out.
Actual size: 600 x 600 mm with comfortable sponge and added special yantra on top.

Meditation Pyramids Rs./-

Twister (Twist off weight!)
Slim X, the most advance way to twist excess fat from Belly, Thighs & Hips. Slim X with Pyramid power useful for Weight reduction, Figure tone up, Flatten tummy & Thighs. Also spine fitness & height booster. Contains 2500 Pyramid grids, 2 Yantra magnets, 2500 Acutips.

Twister Rs.600/-

Stress Pad (Relax while you work)
It's extremely easy to use. No extra time needed, just relax while you work. A time tested Foot Relaxer. Must for Office Executives, Computer Professionals & Students, while watching TV and old age peoples.Stress Pad with the power of 6500 Pyramids & 12 Super Magnets with 2 Support Stands gives better results.

Stress Pad (Relax while you work) Rs

1 - How we get Products & what are the transportation charges?

Place an order, products will be delivered at your door step.
Transportation charges extra.

2 - How will I know if Pyramid Yantra is working?

Things will start to change. They may happen on a subtle level. For example your happiness may increase or your attitude to life may alter. Things may also happen in a more tangible way, such as an unexpected phone call with a job offer, or an invitation to a party.

3 - Can Pyramids help people who do not believe in it?

We have seen some immediate and powerful effects rewarding the work of self-confessed unbelievers. Pyramid or PyraVastu is not a form of magic. It works on the scientific principles of space and mind, and will have an effect whether or not people can feel it or know that it is being used. But if a positive mind and a strong faith is added it can give miraculous results.

4 - How long will it be before I begin to get results?

We have seen Pyramids have immediate and dramatic effects, but it can also take time. Possibly the process is connected to our ability to adapt to change. Pyramids can help you get the most from your life. But just as glowing good health needs careful attention to diet, exercise and lifestyle, Pyramids will require a little time and care before you see dramatic results.

5 - What is the ideal material in which Pyramidyantra is made?

As we are working on a more subtle level, the 'space'- akash-tatva is more important than the material used. Though the most ideal material in which a Pyramid yantra has to be made must be natural, as stone of the Great Pyramid, But we need 91 different chambers of Vastu and practically they cannot be created accurately in stone. So Neutron Polymer is used. You also get the following benefits of the Neutron material:
Accurate dimensions - As it is die moulded all the dimensions from inside out are the most accurate.

Neutral property - It is neutral in property so can be programmed as per your wish. The other metals are affiliated to some property. For example copper is affiliated to Mars, and gold to Sun so results may vary if used in PyraVastu.
Anti-Corrosion &Long lasting - When we place 9 pyramids under the ground it must stay there for life. In this case this Neutron plastic can stay without corrosion, completely intact in all 91 space chambers for long.
Air tight chambers - Each chamber inside a Multier 9x9 is air-tight and it is also a non-porous material.
These are a few of the many advantages of Neutron Polymer in which these
Pyramid Yantra are made. But remember, material is less important, more important is the accurate space captured in each pyramid. AcuFoot mat 2000
Acupressure Foot Mat for Morning freshness & total health. Also helpful for patients of sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, insomnia. Specially raised part: For constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigestion & renal problems. Unbreakable & available in attractive colours.