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The yoga perspective of anatomy is quite difference from that of western Anatomy. The body is mo'ksha sādhana, our body composed five bodies. The first body is the same in both yogic and western views but the others four bodies are unique to the yogic dharshana. Turning the food body into divine body is Kāya-sādhana.

The Physical body disciplined by yoga it go beyond it to achieve higher stages.

In the way of Mo'ksha Sādhana and Kāya Sādhana as yoga system classifies three bodies.

•   Physical Body
•   Astral Body
•   Causal Body


Physical body known as Stula Shareera composed 5 Basic Elements

•   Earth
•   Water
•   Air
•   Fire
•   Ether

in different proportionate.

b)   ASTRAL BODY known as lingha Shareera or Sukshma Shareera is the means of experiencing pleasure and pain. It composed nineteen elements,

5 organs of action (Karme'ndriyas) Hands, Feet, Mouth, Anus and Genitals.

5 Organs of action (Sensory Organs) (Jnāne'ndriyas) Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue and Skin.

5 Prānās as Prāna, Apāna, Udhāna, Samāna and Vyāna.

Finally four Antha Karanas, Manas - Conscious mind, Bhudhi - Intellectual mind, Chitta-Sub Conscious mind and Ahankāra-ego

The Causal Body or seed body known as Kārana shareera is the blue print of both physical and Astral Bodies. This Causal body contains samskārās, subtle impressions all live & lived.

The astral and causal bodies remain together they leave the physical body, that is called death.

Physical, Astral and Causal bodies containing five sheaths, they are called PANCHA KO'SHA.

•   Annamaya ko'sha (Food sheath)
•   Prānamaya ko'sha (Vital sheath)
•   Mano'maya ko'sha (Mental sheath)
•   Vignānamaya ko'sha (Intellectual sheath)
•   Ānandhamaya ko'sha (Blissful sheath)

•   In the gross physical body composed of the elements of the physical world. Made of food. It will go back into the food cycle after death. Existence, Birth, Growth, Change, Decay and Death are its qualities.

•   It is in the astral body, it is composed of the five vital energies Prāna, Apāna, Samāna, Udāna, Vyān.

•   It is in the astral body, thinking, doubting, anger, lust exhilaration, depression, delusion are its working. It constituents are mind, intellect, subconscious mind and ego.

•   It is in the astral body, its consists of the intellect (bhudhi) which analysis and determine.

•   It is in the causal body, it experiences bliss, joy, calmness and peace.

These Five bodies purified as follows :

Annamaya ko'sha by āsanas, diet
Prānamaya ko'sha by prānāyāma
Mano'maya ko'sha by practice of yama niyama and self service
Vignānamaya ko'sha by study of scripturs right enquiry and meditation
Ānandamaya ko'sha by Samādhi