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Mudhrās is a Lock, Seal, Circuit, By pass circuit, Psychic, Emotional, Devotional, Aesthetic gestures or Attitude.

Mudhrās are a combination of subtle physical movements which Alter mood, Attitude and Perception.

Mudhrās are introduced after some proficiency has been attained in Āsanas, Prānāyāmās and Bandhās. And requiring a very subtle awareness.

Mudhrās are higher practices which leads to awakening of the Prānās, Chakrās, Nādis, Kundalini and which can bestow major Siddhis, Psychic power on the advanced practitioners.

Mudhrās can be cure bodily ailments in a wonderful manner. Actually helps in balancing five elements (pamcha tatwa) in the human system to their optional levels.

Mudhrās enables the practitioner to develop awareness of the flow of prānās in the body. Ultimately enhances pranic balance within the body and consciousness.

Mudhrās manipulate prānā. The Nādis and Chakrās constantly radiate prānās which normally escapes from the body into the external world.

Mudhrās can be cure many illness like ear ache to heart attack and Arthrities Insomnia, Asthma, Allergy, can be balance blood sugar, blood pressure and improves memory, etc….


The Sanskrit word bandha means to hold, tighten or lock. The Bandhā aim to lock the prānās in particular are as and redirect their flow into Sushumna Nādi for the purpose of spiritual awakening, and physical wellness.

Bandhās involve the contraction or sqeezing of muscles. As there are three bandhās, three main muscels group involved that is called Mahā Bandhā.

Bandhā or contraction of these muscles affects the Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Endocrine and Energy system. When it is contracted nerve impulse is relayed to the brain, triggering other neuronal circuits and nervous centers.

Moola Bandhā or Perinial Contraction stimulates the both the sensory-motor and the autonomic nervous system in the pelvic region.

Uddiyāna Bandhā (madya bandhā) or abdominal contraction compresses the Digestive organs adrenal glands, Kidneys and most importantly Solar plexes (Brain in the Stomach) sqeezed and generated energy in the abdomen and chest.

Jālandhar Bandhā or throat contraction streches the neck, pulling the spine, give pressure in brain, and subtle effects on pituitary, pineal glands, and also thyroid, para thyroid and thymus glands.

Performing these badhas blood pressure stabilizes, heart rate lessened, deepens the respiration, induces the calmness, harmonize the efficient functioning of the endocrine system. Certain bio-rhythms in the body are also regulated. Stabilises the menstrual cycles.